Welcome to the churches of

The Dart & Avon Mission Community

THE DART AND AVON MISSION COMMUNITY consists of 7 Church of England churches
in or near the Dart Valley and the Avon Valley in South Devon

(See map below – but please note this only shows the church locations, not the parish boundaries)

We serve the two larger communities of Buckfastleigh (with St Luke’s Church) and South Brent (with St Petroc’s Church), together with the smaller communities of Dean Prior (St George the Martyr Church), Landscove (St Matthew’s Church), Littlehempston (St John the Baptist Church), and Staverton (St Paul de Leon Church) – all grouped with Buckfastleigh – and Rattery (Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary), linked with South Brent.

We work together, seeking to bear witness to Jesus as Saviour and Lord and to provide centres of worship, love and service for our local communities.
We aim to provide a warm welcome to all who come to our churches, whatever your background or personal circumstances, and whether already committed in Christian faith, or perhaps seeking God, or seeking answers to life’s questions, and also those needing a place of belonging, love and support. And we hope this website will give all the information you need, whether you are resident in this area or a visitor from further afield.
For information about the individual churches, please see the page on this site for each one.